professional music selection and media licensing library - includes audio recordings and sheet music

i'll read this later - let me hear the music

every licence includes professionally produced audio recordings - these include the full mix as well as separated instrument tracks which you can seamlessly mix within your production, possibly creating different versions for use in different places or perhaps soloing / excluding particular instruments altogether

we provide instant downloads and licensing for all purchases, as well as free full-length demo tracks which you can use to explore how the music fits with your production beforehand

nearly all our music has variations available which share the same musical themes and ideas - these thematic variations can add a consistent and emotive feel to your project, in just the same way as a hollywood feature film

you may purchase production or unlimited exclusive licences, which let you use the music wherever you wish and with no subsequent licences for it ever being issued by ourselves (details of previously issued licences can be supplied upon request)

professional notated sheet music is also available both for the full score as well as separate instrument parts. you can use this to re-record the music yourself, or for live performances

all music listed on this website is exclusively available from ourselves. to read about our unique search interface click here

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